Body Massage


Heated Selected Stone are applied to chakra points for massage and balancing for energy… Start with aromatherapy massage



90 min


120 min


Is deep relaxing massage, with essential oils. Using a combination of Swedish, Hawaiian and Indonesian strokes to promote ease muscle tension and create other health benefit
Duration Price
60 min Rp.350.000
90 min Rp.500.000
120 min Rp.650.000

The Balinese Massages is gentle and relaxing massage to clear the mind and fresh the body. This course uses special hand on technique together with the application of essential oil blends to increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment

90 minRp.850.000
120 minRp.1.000.000
In ancient traditional massage Using essential oil that aims to maintain health
Duration Price
60 min Rp. 350.000
90 min Rp.500.000
120 min Rp.650.000